5 belongings you got to realize BREAST LIFT SURGERY

I was performing some research online about breast lift surgery and found some blogs written about the procedure. One blog especially stuck out – the OC Mom Blog a few “Girlfriends Guide to a Breast Lift.” The misinformation during this article was astounding. As a cosmetic surgeon, I used to be dismayed at the falsehoods that are being purported as truths. And this wasn’t the sole one. I actually laughed aloud (yes, did a real LOL!) at a number of the knowledge that was being passed along. The worrisome thing is that ladies will read these blogs and believe them. So, I took it upon myself to write down a “rebuttal,” so to talk. I’m here to dispel the myths perpetuated by this particular “Girlfriends Guide to a Breast Lift.”

The Truths:

1. A breast lift is different from a breast augmentation. TRUE! Breast augmentation adds volume to the breast, and a breast lift elevates the whole breast in order that it is often during a younger position. this suggests the nipples aren’t pointing toward the ground, they’re pointing forward (back to where they started before having our youngsters, getting older, and gaining and losing weight).

A breast lift also can be amid an augmentation, meaning an implant is often placed at an equivalent time because the breast is elevated. many ladies choose this to enhance their breast shape and to regain fullness within the upper a part of the breast. An implant solves the matter of the gapping that happens between your breast and your push-up bra.

2. you would possibly have drains. this might be true, but most pliable surgeons don’t use drains. At the Quatela Center for cosmetic surgery, drains are almost never used for breast lifts and breast lifts with augmentations. So, don’t worry about them.

3. they’re getting to look bigger than expected. TRUE! they’re going to, for the primary few weeks. this is often due to swelling. ask your cosmetic surgeon, and that they should tell you what to expect. Swelling is typical; if you’ve got surgery, you’ll have swelling.

4. Bras. Your surgeon will put you into a post-surgical bra. TRUE! If this is often comfortable, still wear it – it helps with swelling. If this is often not comfortable, get one from Target or Kohl’s that has no underwire (the underwire will rub on your incisions and can be uncomfortable). Find one that provides support but not an excessive amount of compression. don’t spend tons on bras within the first 6 weeks. Your breasts are swollen and can change. Save your money for brand spanking new, pretty bras after you heal.

The Falsehoods:

5. they’re getting to cut your nipples off. FALSE! once I read this, I internally screamed inside. If we removed them entirely, then they might not have a blood supply. they might not be reactive. they might not be ready to breastfeed a baby. the reality is that the nipples are kept on what we call a pedicle – a blood supply with an artery and a vein to permit the nipple and areola to urge blood and oxygen. So, the nipple and areola are moved upward with breast tissue and soft tissue surrounding it. the whole mound gets elevated. there’s no “cutting off”!